Intellectual Property

Patent and Industrial Design Marking and Notice Ⓓ Ikou Inc. and Pat. Ikou Inc.

Articles/products may be covered by the following  patents, registered industrial designs and others. Additional Ikou Inc. patents, designs, and applications, and products, may exist. Articles/products may be sold as a unit, in components, or as a part of a combination system or product. 

CA Design Reg. No. 153,683 entitled VANITY
US Patent No. D728,082 entitled VANITY
International Patent Application No. PCT/CA2020/051798 entitled VANITY FOLD-OUT ORGANIZER

International Patent Application No. PCT/CA2022/051323 entitled VANITY WITH INTEGRATED POWER RECEPTACLE

Trademark Notice

IKOU™, ART BATHE®, STUDIO BATHE®, SPA BATHE™, URBAN BATHE™ and the Ikou Logo™ are are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Ikou Inc. in Canada, the United States of America and/or other countries.

 Copyright Notice

Ikou Inc. products — including images, text, and software downloads — are owned either by Ikou Inc. or by third parties who have granted Ikou Inc. permission to use the content.

Use of Intellectual Property

Any use of Ikou’s Patents, Designs, Trademarks and Copyright is prohibited except upon explicit permission of Ikou Inc.

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