Art Bathe

Art bathe is the manufacturer of premium bathroom vanities made from the highest quality material. Our collections of authentic, contemporary and modern designs provide a unique vanity shopping experience for our customers. Every collection is carefully researched for the latest trend in bathroom design that are sure to appeal to our customers.
Shop our line of products under Art Bathe at Home depot, Houzz and Amazon.

Art Bathe Products

Spa Bathe

Spa Bathe is inspired by a combination of chic, classic and contemporary designs that offers an inspiring bathroom theme by combining charming designs that gives elegant ambience to your bath space.
The collections are manufactured from high quality hardwood materials combined with an aesthetic hardware for the overall finish of the vanities.
Shop our line of products under Spa Bathe at Lowe's and Rona.

Spa Bathe Products

Studio Bathe

Studio Bathe is a manufacturer of high-quality trendy and superior bathroom vanity design. Our goal is to create a unique bathroom experience for all our customers at exceptional value which is why we offer custom color options that are sure to create a wow factor to your bathroom space.
Our superior standard has made us a brand name in the bathroom vanity industry, and we strive to always provide our customers with exceptional service.
Shop our line of products under Studio Bathe at Costco.

Studio Bathe Products

Urban Bathe

Urban Bathe offers high end designs for bathroom remodeling to homeowners at affordable prices. The collections offers the latest design in bathroom vanity industry that are functional and practical.
Shop our line of products under Urban Bathe at Canadian Tire.

Urban Bathe Products
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